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Tezuka Shouji

Confectionary Maker

Magical Biscuits
・Original healthy Japanese-style biscuits made with authentic and traditional Japanese ingredients only produced in Japan
・All handmade with love according to high nutritious and unique recipes written by a creative Japanese dietitian

Head Office
1762-3 Sendo, Kanuma City, Tochigi Pref., 322-0002 JAPAN


Person in charge Mieko Abe
Contact +81-289-62-9974
Mail info@tezuka-shouji.com

 Exhibit Products / Service 1

<Japanese-style Biscuits 『Kinako』(HALAL)>

(Roasted soybean flour cookies)
Handmade & Additive-free

 Additive-free mild KINAKO cookies have sweet and salty taste that Japanese people love and feel nostalgic. The cookies are made with plenty of excellent roasted soybean flour (non-GMO) produced by a contracted soybean farmer in Nakagawa town, Tochigi Pref. Mineral-rich natural sea salt “Ita shio” is produced by hand in Numazu City, Shizuoka Pref.

Ingredients:Wheat flour, Roasted soybean flour,  Light brown sugar, Vegetable oil, Salt.

 Exhibit Products / Service 2

<Japanese-style Biscuits 『Matcha』(HALAL)>

(Freeze-dried tofu cookies flavored with Uji matcha green tea)
Handmade & Additive-free

Amazing MATCHA cookies are made with healthy and traditional Japanese ingredients. Premium organic Uji matcha green tea powder is produced in Wazuka Town, Kyoto Pref., the famous traditional Japanese tea town of top-quality Uji green tea. High nutritious freeze-dried tofu powder (made with non-GMO soybeans) is produced in Nagano Pref., No.1 freeze-dried tofu producing region in Japan.

Ingredients:Wheat flour, Freeze-dried tofu powder(soybeans, nigari tofu coagulant), Sugar, Light brown sugar , Vegetable oil, Uji matcha green tea powder.

Exhibit Products / Service 3

<Japanese-style Biscuits 『Hatomugi』(HALAL)>


Exhibit Products / Service 4

<Japanese-style Biscuits 『Petit Petit no Mi』(HALAL)>

(Original buckwheat cookies)
Handmade & Additive-free

 The additive-free buckwheat cookies won the Gold Quality Award at the Monde Selection (an annual international award for food quality in Brussels) in 2014! You can enjoy internationally-recognized great taste and popping texture in your mouth. The fine buckwheat flour is produced in Nagano Pref., the famous Shinshu soba noodles and a major buckwheat producing region in Japan.

Ingredients:Wheat flour, Buckwheat flour, Sugar, Shortening (originated from vegetable oil), Butter, Eggs, Roasted buckwheat seeds.

Exhibit Products / Service 5

<Japanese-style Biscuits 『Mikan』(HALAL)>

(Japanese mandarin orange cookies)
Handmade & All Japanese Ingredients

Original additive-free soft cookies are made with plenty of fresh Japanese mandarin oranges grown by local contracted farmers near our factory in Sendo, Kanuma City. We made special sun-dried Japanese mandarin orange peel called ‘Chen Pi’, a kind of Chinese herb to warm your body from inside. Our popular and aromatic MIKAN orange cookies will warm you up!

Ingredients:Wheat flour, Japanese mandarin orange jam, Shortening(originated from vegetable oil), Sugar, Dried Japanese mandarin orange peel.

Exhibit Products / Service 6

<Japanese-style Biscuits 『Ithigo』(HALAL)>


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