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EXHIBITOR INFO: Japanese Food Restaurant MATSURI

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Japanese Food Restaurant MATSURI

We are aiming to make the space which Muslim and non-Muslim can enjoy a meal surely.

Head Office
3-27-17 Yoshino, Fukushima-ku, Osaka city, Osaka Prefecture, 553-0006, Japan


Person in charge Yoshinori Sano
Contact +81-6-6940-6633


 Exhibit Products / Service

Takoyaki (Octopus Dumplings)

This food is our special. The sauce made from plenty of fruits and vegetables marries well with the handmade mayonnaise!!
All muslim customers order this food!
Basically all ingredients are halal certified. And for any ingredients that have not received halal  certification, we have made sure that it does not contain any haram (forbidden) ingredients.
In addition, we will sell MATSURI SAUCE, handmade sauce, at the event hall.

Halal certification: No
Sales target:
・Domestic (Kanto region)
・Overseas (Indonesia, Malaysia)
Terms and conditions: Negotiable
Price: (Retail price) Takoyaki: JPY 680 / Sauce: JPY 500


Takoyaki will sell 500 yen for a set of 5 at the event hall.
Sauce will sell 300 yen a piece at the event hall.

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