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Established: January 2001
Capital: 5 million yen
Representative director: Ai Okamoto
Business summary: Real estate rental, Japanese cultural experience for foreign visitors

Head Office
18 Kawanokamitsukinukecho, Nara city, Nara prefecture, 630-8314, Japan


Person in charge Hisae Dasilva
Contact +81-80-3830-2709

 Exhibit Products / Service



EENA HOUSE is a traditional Japanese house where we offer Japanese cultural experience. You can enjoy Japanese culture such as Japanese calligraphy, Tea ceremony, Kimono experience, flower arrangement and cooking. That must be a part of your great memories. Come and join us and enjoy a precious time in Nara!

2 prayer rooms (for men’s and women’s), Wudu space

Prayer mat, prayer clothes, prayer caps and Qibla compass


Japanese Calligraphy: 
Japanese Calligraphy is called Shodo. It is artistic writing of the Japanese language. You will write your favourite word and your name in Japanese with brush and ink.

You can enjoy Japanese Calligraphy experience. We will give you a small lecture on how to use calligraphy tools and how to write Japanese words with those tools.Your Calligraphy lesson will be in a traditional Japanese tatami room where you can enjoy a view of a Japanese garden.

After you complete it, you can take it home in a frame. It must be a memorable souvenir for you.

Tea Ceremony: 
Chado, the way of tea is one of the Japanese cultural traditions. It is to serve green tea to guests in a traditional manner. It is not just making green tea. It also has various aspects. Therefore, Chado is a so-called a comprehensive art.

You can enjoy Tea Ceremony. We will explain about Chado (the way of tea) and you will then learn how to behave yourself as a guest by drinking and how to make Matcha (green tea).

Tea Ceremony will be in a traditional Japanese tatami room where you can enjoy a view of a Japanese garden.

Japanese food is getting popular as a healthy food in the world.
We would like you to enjoy learning Japanese home style cooking through our lesson and also try to cook it in your country.

First, we will explain about Japanese food, then you will learn how to
cook 4 to 5 dishes.

Cooking class will be in a traditional Japanese house. You can enjoy Japanese traditional atmosphere.

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